We The People is for the people.

We who want to create, feel, express and share. We believe that art should be democratic and that the power of expression lies in the diversity of it. Yet, we are surrounded by creative & expressive young individuals from many different backgrounds whose voices are underrepresented in the Dutch art scene. So, we decided we needed to create a platform where we could feel safe, claim our space, and manifest as a community: a home. A home for everyone, and a safe space specifically catered to youths of color, with all of our beautiful & complex identities.

We create and host arts & culture events for the love of community. Our first and most recurring event is We The People Poetry Night. Our events are filled with poetry, spoken word & music, and look for the crossovers of different art forms. So far, we’ve had the joy of hosting these events in parks, bars, community spaces, and national pop podiums Melkweg & Paradiso Amsterdam.

We The People and Paradiso also joined forces to present online poetry platform Poetry On Sunday, releasing weekly spoken word performances.

Hope to see you around sometime!