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On We The People Radio, creatives and likeminds get together to reflect on anything and everything that moves us. Tune in for monthly episodes with a different topic and a different host every time.

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#3 ‘Wie mag welk verhaal vertellen?’

DEC 7, 2021  – Robbert Doelwijt Jr., Nohaila Gamah & Perla Vita Beerens

Wie mag welk verhaal vertellen? Met meer aandacht voor verhalen over mensen van kleur, is dit een steeds meer voorkomende vraag. Vaak gaat dat over de white male gaze, maar wat als we het breder bekijken? Hoe geldt het dan voor gemarginaliseerde groepen? Als je rekening houdt met intersectionaliteit kun je je afvragen of een zwarte man het verhaal van een zwarte vrouw ‘mag’ vertellen. Of gaat dat niet op? Zit deze vraag in de weg van artistieke vrijheid? In deze episode …

#2 ‘Claiming your Creative Identity’

NOV 8, 2021 – Amber Paris, Zulu Green & Jazz Ben Khalifa

At what point do you officially earn the badge to call yourself an artist? Is it an identity you’re born with or one that is granted to you – and by whom? Though the answer seems simple, let’s really break it down. In this week’s episode, Amber Paris, illustrator & author of The Manifestation Journal, sits down with professional makeup artist Jazz Ben Khalifa, and singer/songwriter Zulu Green to discuss developing a creative identity, the interworkings of an emerging artist, and the complexities of ‘making it’ between disciplines.

#1 ‘To create or not to create?’

OCT 7, 2021 – Lamin Barrow & Sydney Lowell

Do we have to create all the time? What is poetry? And what does creating mean to us anyway? Poet & performer Lamin Barrow and poet & We The People co-founder Sydney Lowell sit down for a heart to heart. They reflect on poetry, performing, balancing your creational output with selfcare, and what ‘not creating’ is like.